Role of Ultrasound in evaluation of children with acute abdomen

  • Dr. Umesh Patel Professor, Pediatrics, RKDF Medical College, Bhopal (MP), India
  • Dr. D Sharad Gedam Associate Professor of Paediatrics, Government Medical college, Vidisha, MP, India
Keywords: Acute abdomen, Sonography, Intestinal obstruction


Objectives: To evaluate the ultrasonography abdominal findings in children with acute abdomen in children and assess the gastrointestinal disease patterns that can be evaluated by ultrasound.

Design: A descriptive prospective study.

Setting: LN Medical College, Bhopal.

Subjects: 74 children who presented with acute onset abdominal pain.

Results: Of the 74 children, 17 (23%) were normal on sonography; 32(43%) have intestinal obstruction, 11 (14.8%) have appendicitis and 6 (8.1%) have abscess.


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