Advances an Radio-Diagnosis

  • Dr.Rabindran Chandran Consultant Neonatologist, Billroth Hospital, Chennai, India
Keywords: Radio-diagnosis, Tumour imaging, Thyroid imaging


Various radiological imaging techniques like X-ray radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) & magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are used to diagnose &/or treat diseases. There has been tremendous developments in radiodiagnosis with great impact in multiple fields like oncology, endocrinology, urology & metabolic diseases. Cure rates have increased with advances in imaging for Lung cancer, Neuroblastoma, Endometrial carcinoma, Rectal cancer, gliomas & Hepatocellular carcinoma [1]. Modern multi-parametric imaging like PET scanning & advanced MRI techniques provides anatomical & functional data for patient care thereby increasing response & recurrence assessment & overall prognosis.


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